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Twinklesteps is a kind and lively fairy and and ready to help anyone that might be in trouble - she is always ready to fly to the rescue. Join her in her action-packed adventure stories, as she uses her ballet skills and magical fairy powers to defeat the Growling Goblin, solve mysteries and puzzles and help her friends.

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Twinklesteps and the Crazy Rainbows

The nasty Goblin is causing trouble again! He doesn’t want anyone to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, he wants all the gold for himself- so he decides to mess up all the rainbows. Join Twinklesteps and Jett in their adventure, as they try to fix the rainbows and stop the Goblin!

Twinklesteps on the Edge!

Twinklesteps and her friends, Aurora, Juliette, Giselle and even Twinklesteps’ dog, Samba, get involved in finding and recovering some stolen jewels. Read all about their adventure and see how Twinklesteps uses her fairy powers and magic shoes to light up the way to find the jewels and catch the robbers.