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‘Dance with Twinklesteps’ is a specially developed programme for 3-6 year olds. The programme allows licensed teachers to offer Dance with Twinklesteps classes in their area to help children develop a love of dance and music in a fun and imaginative way, as well as developing a good basic ballet technique from an early age. Dance with Twinklesteps is not a franchise so it has the huge benefit of being much more affordable.

The 'Dance with Twinklesteps' package includes:

  • The syllabus containing detailed teaching notes; a DVD containing excerpts of dance sequences
  • Three CD's of 50 tracks which includes two CD's of specially composed piano music for dance exercises/sequences in the syllabus, plus a 3rd CD with 11 short Twinklesteps' themed songs performed by children
  • A copy of the Twinklesteps' storybook to share with the children in the classes (some of the dance sequences relate to the story)
  • 70 complimentary custom Twinklesteps’ reward stickers to give out in class (more stickers and reward cards may be ordered if the teacher wishes to use them for their classes).

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The Twinklesteps Dance Programme is sold worldwide and is currently being used by teachers across Europe, in the USA and Brazil!

Please note the Dance Programme is currently only available in English.


What does it consist of?

The programme includes step by step guidance for numerous dance exercises and story centred sequences, covering all basic steps and movements in ballet, appropriate for this young age group. The dance exercises/sequences are set to specially composed music (song and piano pieces of varying styles, moods and tempi), providing an entertaining and educational mix. The Syllabus was developed to be an alternative to an exam class where all children, regardless of ability can enjoy a foundation in ballet.

Price includes the dance programme licence agreement.

Who developed it?

Yvonne MacGregor (Twinklesteps Director and registered RAD teacher) and Stephanie Gardner (Musician and Composer) who developed Dance With Twinklesteps, both have a special interest in teaching young children,with the aim of developing a love of music and dance through imagination and play:

“We wrote ‘Dance with Twinklesteps’ with the view to introducing very young children, in a fun and playful way, to the world of dance and in particular-ballet. It’s fantastic to hear such lovely feedback from some of the teachers saying that their classes are going really well and that the children are loving them. We are delighted that teachers are embracing and capturing the whole concept of imagination and play, involving the Twinklesteps character and her story book’- which is what we hoped they would do. We hope everyone will enjoy dancing with Twinklesteps as much as we have enjoyed creating her little dances and music.” Yvonne and Stephanie.

Who is it for?

We have written and presented the Dance With Twinklesteps programme with the understanding that the teacher has experience in teaching young children and has a strong background training in dance and in particularly ballet. Twinklesteps teachers carefully teach the foundation of ballet technique by following the guide lines in the Twinklesteps syllabus, which uses parallel feet for the very young child. The progression exercises in the syllabus provide a natural and safe development for the children to progress from pre-primary(3+yrs) to primary (6+yrs). Children move on from ‘Dance with Twinklesteps’ with a basic foundation in ballet as well as having enormous amounts of fun! The syllabus is intended to be entertaining but also educational as we aim to encourage a love of dance and music in a natural and progressive way through play, storytelling and imagination.

You can become a Twinklesteps’ ballet teacher – whether you have a background in dance or have many years of experience but want a new syllabus to help with your classes for younger children, Dance with Twinklesteps would work well for you.”

Email Yvonne MacGregor (‘Dance With Twinklesteps’ creator and coordinator) at if you have any questions about the programme.


“Classes are going brilliantly! Thank you so much for creating an excellent Ballet programme!!! The kids love it and everyone is commenting on it.” Justeen Randall, Principal of Razzle Dazzle Performers

“Lessons are going great. Children are enjoying them. We read a couple of pages of the story a lesson and then incorporate a different exercise or 2! We love the story!!” Katie Readman, KTZ DANCE

“The children had a wonderful time on Tuesday and were absolutely spell bound. One little girl even asked to do the ‘tapping on the fairy door’ exercise again as she loved it so much! I’m really pleased with the syllabus. Thank you again for all your help, I’m having a wonderful time! “ Abi Kingsley Parker, Abi Kingsley Parker Performing Arts

“Classes are going really well. The children love the Twinklesteps Programme. I had always taught my own pre syllabus classes and to be honest I am enjoying the change of teaching something new and different. I think it will be a solid foundation to syllabus work.” Melissa Harman, City West Ballet Studio. Dublin, Ireland


4 reviews for Twinklesteps Dance Programme

  1. Stella Koutri

    ‘Dance with Twinklesteps’ is a ballet-inspired dance program that opens new horizons in teaching movement and dance to young children! It offers especially composed music, a dvd with dance sequences and a detailed syllabus – actually everything you need as a teacher to start with your classes! Everything is ready to use in your classes, even if you live in a non-English speaking country. Also, a great resource to use in kids parties! Yvonne is always so helpful and supportive, I’m happy to be teaching ‘Dance with Twinklesteps’ program!

  2. Llinos Lyons

    We have been following the dance with twinklesteps program in our performing arts school for quite a few years now . We have over 50 children at the moment following the program, and having new enquiries every day about the classes and a big waiting list ! The children love coming to the classes and it’s very popular with our parents too . It’s a fabulous program where the children can use their imagination as well as learn the basics of ballet , it’s perfect for beginners. Yvonne is always very helpful with advice and guidance towards the program. The uniform is gorgeous too ! So glad that we follow this program in our school.

  3. Lauren H

    I was recommended the Twinklesteps Program by a fellow Dance Teacher and have never looked back! It marked the start of my freelance teaching and has ignited my love for teaching young children! This flexible, imaginative and creative dance/ballet syllabus excites young children and develops a love of movement and dance. The class is both popular with children and their parents especially the lovely certificates and medals! I have continuous enquiries about these classes and can’t wait to start more classes in my local area. The website and Facebook page is a really helpful tool alongside the program notes, book/DVD. Yvonne is always gets back to me really quickly with advice and guidance and also other interesting ways to interpret the music and notes. This syllabus really allows Dance Teachers to teach creatively! Thanks Twinklesteps x

  4. Natasha T

    I would highly recommend the Twinklesteps programme – not only do the children love it but the parents do too! The brand has been a big influence on parents choosing our classes which has been a massive help in terms of running a business. On the other side of things, the music and activities with the characters has been brilliant for classes and all the children get so excited about their ‘adventure’ when they come to ballet class! I would highly recommend this programme of study 🙂 Yvonne has always been so helpful and has so much passion for the programme it comes across in all the communication she has with you and will do anything to help! Thanks for being brilliant!

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