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Find our range of currently available books and offers below! Twinklesteps is a ballerina fairy. She loves ballet and dressing up in her beautiful fairy dresses and tutus. When she dances and points her feet, her magic ballet shoes light up, sparkle and twinkle – that’s why she is called Twinklesteps!

In ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong’, the birds come from miles around to watch Twinklesteps dance and they join in by singing, so she has music to dance to – until the Growling Goblin steals their voices! Can Twinklesteps rescue the disappearing birdsong and defeat the Growling Goblin with her magic and ballet skills?

Twinklesteps the Ballerina Fairy

Twinklesteps the Ballerina Fairy loves to dance and has shoes that sparkle when she points her toes. She practises her ballet every day, loves adventures, solving problems and making new friends. She can also be a bit cheeky sometimes! Twinklesteps often practises her ballet in the garden. But one day, it’s gone very quiet. All of the birdsong has disappeared! With the birds’ help, she tracks it to the Growling Goblin’s cottage and dares to release the captured birdsong using her fairy magic.